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Como evitar o desperdício da fruta madura, como evitar o desperdício da fruta feia, com a nossa fruta em pó, conseguimos evitar o desperdício alimentar, a nossa desidratação é 100% natural, sem adição de açúcares, corantes ou conservantes.

Our history

Huepo was born to reinvent the fruit and the way we consume it, your seasonal fruit, now available all year round, whenever and wherever you want.
We managed to avoid the waste of the fruit, in a 100% sustainable way and with zero waste, giving it a new life.

Desidratar toda a fruta é o que nós fazemos, desidratamos a polpa e a casca, temos zero desperdício e criamos um corante natural e aromatizante natural. A fruta em pó pode ser utilizada nas receitas, nos lanches, nas bebidas.

Our values

With 100% national fresh fruit, from local producers, we take advantage of everything from excess production to the "ugly" fruit, we dehydrate the fruit in its entirety, from the skin to the pulp, we don't waste anything!

Com a fruta desidratada em pó, consegues fazer snacks saudáveis, snack práticos, snacks saborosos e snacks rápidos para levar para o trabalho, para levar para a escola, aquele snack saboroso para antes do treino.

The sustainability challenge

The sun is our greatest ally, we use this natural and sustainable energy to dehydrate the fruit. In this way, it is possible to offer the dehydrated fruit naturally, without the addition of sugars, dyes or preservatives, a practical and versatile way for the most varied applications.

Smoothies com fruta. Snacks com fruta. Batidos com fruta. Iogurte natural com fruta. Lanches com fruta. Lanches com poucas calorias. Lanches saudáveis. Lanches rápidos. Snacks pré-treino. Snacks saudáveis. Snacks rápidos. Lanches escolares.

How to use fruit powder

The powdered fruit is used to color and add more flavor in a 100% natural way to your preparations, from breakfast to dinner! In pancakes, yogurt or smoothies, salads, meat or fish, snacks, desserts and summer or winter drinks!

Do it yourself!

There are no limits to the imagination and use of powdered fruit. Now that you know how to use and what fruit powder is for, you have no more excuses not to eat fruit!

Lanches fitness. Lanches rápidos. Corante alimentar natural.
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Dive into the universe of powdered fruit

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